dimanche 5 octobre 2008

DJ LBR old skool masterpiece...79 to 84 Hip Hop encyclopedia vol.1

Look That Playlist!!
1. DST "Infinity rappers"Herbie Hancock "Megamix"Cudy & the bink band "Homeboy"T sky valley "USA is the best"South bronx "Bottom line"Spoonie g "Spoonin rap"
2. World famous S.T. "Hey dj"Dominatrix "Sleep tonight"Lavance "No more writing"Dave Hancock "Hollywood"Herb Alpert "Rise"Herbie Hancock "Rock it"Bboys "Cuttin herbie"
3. Fat boys "Can u feel it"New edition "Candy girl"Fantasy "It's ur rock"Davy D "One
4 the treble"Whodini "Rap machine"Whodini "Magic hands"West street mob "I can't stop"Bon rock "Searchin rap"Disco 4 "Moove to the croove"
4. Captain rap "Bad times"Chaka khan "I feel for u"GM flash "Step off"GM flash "Beat street"Fearless 4 "Rockin it"
5. Fab 5 freddy "Change the beat"Jimmy spicer "Dollar bill"Treacherous 3 "Action"Sugarhill gang "8 wonder"Gm flash "On the wheels"West street mob "Break dance"Shannon "Let the music play"Armenta "I wanna be with u"Strafe "Set if off"
6. Aleem "Release urself"Olie & Jerry "There's no stoppin"Tom tom club "Wordy rappin hood"Arthur Backer "Breakers revenge"A Bambaataa "Planet rock"Gap band "Partytrain"A Bambaataa "Looking for a.."Freez "I O U latin rascal mix"Cpt rock "Futur shock"
7. Men at play "Dr jam"Funky 4+1 "That's the joint"Sugarhill gang "Showdown"Crash crew "We want to rock"
8. Big mouth band "The box"World premiere "Share the night"GM flash "The message"Bobby demo "More ounce"Art of noise "Beatbox"
9. Mr magic "Magic message"Hassan & 7.11 "Emotions can b.."The murphys "Murphys jive laws"Tony lee "Reach up" Mr Groove "Someones clocking me"Rockers revenge "Walking on the sun"Air force 1 "See the light"Awesome foursome "Funky breakdown"Shannon "Give me tonight"IRT "Watch the closing"Man parrish "Boogie down bronx"Globe and Whizkid "Play that beat"Time zone "Wildstyle"Hashim "Al Naafiysh"SC Band "Boxin game"
10. Gary bird "The crown"Newcleus "Jam on it"GM Flash "Jesse"GM Flash "Superrapin"Lov bug starski "Positive life"K blow "The break"Frankie smith "Double dutch"Mc Rock lovely "One time"Harlem world crew "Lets rock"Divine sound "Do or die"Kevie kev "All night long"Kevie kev "Sweet stuff"K Blow "Partytime"Steve Arrington "Nobody can hear u"T sky valley "Saturday night"Sweet g "Heartbeat rap"Dayton "The sound"A Bambaataa JB "Peace unity love"Rock steady crew "Hey u"Malcom mc laren "Baffalo gals"Sugarhill gang "Rappers delight"Grand master caz "Mc delight.. the truth"A Bambaataa "Renegade of funk"Beside "Odeon"

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